President and Chief Executive Officer

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Date January 17, 2023
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Company Siksika Group of Companies
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President and Chief Executive Officer

The Organization

Siksika Resource Developments Ltd. (“SRDL”) has historically retired on January 1, 2023, after nearly twenty-six (26) years in business , and transitioned to Siksika Group of Companies LP (“SGC”) effective January 1, 2023 . SRDL had been in operation since February 20, 1997; had evolved through many eventful changes , accomplished remarkable successes, and survived many challenges throughout its existence. Siksika Group of Companies (“SGC”) will continue as the economic and investment arm on behalf of Siksika Nation. SGC has evolved into the recognized and award -winning First Nation company they are today . The diverse portfolio of sustainable investment and business developments aim to ensure long -term prosperity for Siksika Nation and its shareholders, the members of Siksika Nation.

SGC has created various subsidiary companies and partnerships that primarily operate in the province of Alberta, with additional property developments across Western Canada. Operating in four core business areas, each consists of sustainable developments considered priorities to Siksika Nation.

Siksika Group of Companies Four (4) Divisions:

Siksika Nation Holdings LP

  • Blackfoot Construction Contracting LP
  • Blackfoot Aggregates GP
  • Niitsitapi – Graham LP
  • Siksika Vertex Joint Venture
  • TIU Solar

Siksika Agriculture LP

  • Siksika Irrigation Land Corporation
  • Siksika Farms LP
  • Siksika Hemp LP

The Organization (continued)

Siksika Retail LP

  • Siksika Nation Food and Beverage LP (Subway)
  • Siksika Tel Inc. (Internet Services)
  • Siksika Trail Market LP (Grocery Market)
  • Siksika Nation Business Development LP (Siksika PetroCanada)
  • Siksika Café

Siksika Hospitality Holdings LP

  • Siksika Edmonton Hotel LP (Sheraton Four Points and Element West Edmonton)
  • Siksika Calgary Airport LP (Calgary Westin Airport Hotel and Conference Centre)
  • Mountain View Hospitality LP (Kananaskis Mountain Lodge)
  • SDP Lodging LP (Four (4) BC Hotel Properties)
  • Siksika Nation Industrial Park LP
  • Siksika Nation Industrial Park Inc.
  • Sunpark Plaza LP

By maximizing revenues generated from the management and development of renewable and non-0renewable resources, SGC will provide the Siksika Nation with a viable return on all future0 investments.

SGC will shape Siksika’s economic future by optimizing sustainable business opportunities.


  • Increase the net revenues realized by Siksika Nation from the development of renewable0 and non-renewable natural resources
  • Establish viable, long-term business and investment strategies that will continue to0 generate revenues from the Siksika Nation after the non-renewable resources have been0 depleted
  • Include an employment strategy in all ventures related to commercial, industrial, 0 agricultural, tourism, renewable and non-renewable developments
  • Develop and maintain a sound economic base in collaboration with the Siksika Nation0 leadership and community members.

To learn more about Siksika Group of Companies, please click here.

The Opportunity

The President & Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) role is to manage and control Siksika Group of Companies (“SGC”) as the head administrator and, under direction from the Board of Directors, to set the corporation’s goals, mission and values, develops business plans, formulates the corporate strategy and business aspects, creating a vision for success, and the standards and guidelines for the corporation staff. Subject to the foregoing and all the Policies of SGC adopted by the Board from time to time, the CEO will be responsible for directing the affairs and activities of SGC and Subsidiary corporations. The CEO must be a prudent manager and an inspiring leader with a business mindset and will take actions to enhance the company’s cash flow while keeping the human factor in perspective. The CEO will focus on the financial positions of SGC, building the business and scale of business operations with the ultimate goal of creating sustainable economic development. The CEO must be prepared to accept additional related duties as changes within the organization occur, including operational and restructuring changes.

The CEO will be responsible for protecting and enhancing the equity provided by SGC and by Chief and Council of Siksika Nation (“Council”) in their capacity as shareholders of SGC.

The CEO will report to the Board; as such, the Board is constituted from time to time by Chief and Council in their capacity as shareholders of SGC. Supervision of the CEO’s performance will be conducted by the Chairperson of the Board or by such other person(s) as may be designated by the Board from time to time.


The CEO will supervise the other officers and the senior managers appointed for the operation, finance, and development of SGC. For greater certainty, the CEO will also provide functional direction to all other supervisors and staff of SGC, will lead and motivate subordinates, advance employee engagement, and develop a high-performing managerial team.

Corporate Mandate

  • Confirm the corporate mandate of SGC with its Shareholders and Board at, or as soon as reasonably possible, following the start of each calendar year of SGC.
  • Recommend amendments to the corporate mandate to the Board for review and approval.
  • Ensure that all members of staff within SGC and its subsidiaries are aware of the corporate mandate and strategic direction as approved or amended by the Board from time to time.
  • Recommend to the Board such amendments to the articles, the memorandum, and the by-laws of SGC, including those of its subsidiary corporations and entities, as may be required to conform to any amendments to the corporate mandate.

Responsibilities (continued)

Goals and Objectives

  • Develop goals and objectives to implement the approved corporate mandate.
  • Ensure the goals and objectives of SGC are clearly reflected in the job descriptions of all management and corporate staff.
  • Provide customers with better products and services and strive for repeat and new business.
  • Continually build on internal systems and upgrades: customer service, IT, finance and payroll software, marketing, sales, training, and development.
  • Continually foster a culture that encourages collaboration between departments and recognizes positive contributions.
  • Guide, mentor, and integrate all levels of staff to function as a high-performing team, maintain open communication, set clear objectives and priorities, and cultivate a positive organizational culture.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the business operates at a profit and meets its goals, how best to approach new opportunities, due diligence, including delegating tasks or directing agendas to drive profitability by managing organizational structure.

Organizational Structure of the Corporation

  • Recommend to the Board the establishment or amendment, as required, of the organizational structure for SGC necessary to successfully implement the approved goals and objectives.
  • Delegate responsibilities to key officers and/or managers within SGC.
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization and ensure its overall successful long-term operations.
  • Ensure that the organizational structure of SGC establishes clear lines of authority and that all corporate staff respect and maintain lines of authority and responsibilities.
  • Organize, motivate, and mentor internal team leaders to strategically grow the organization’s impact, balance sheet, and to effectively fulfill its important mission.
  • Maintain effective internal communications and staff incentives with the Management Team to inspire staff retention in the competitive employment market.

Responsibilities (continued)

Corporate Policies, Procedures and Regulations

  • Enforce policies and procedures that will increase the financial and operational effectiveness of the company.
  • Develop or amend Corporate, Staff, and Health and Safety policies, regulations, and procedures to assist SGC (and its subsidiaries and entities) in the performance of their respective functions and duties in an organized manner.
  • Present and recommend policies and procedures (along with regulations) to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Enforce adherence to legal guidelines and in-house policies to maintain the company’s legality and business ethics.
  • Ensure that policies, procedures, and regulations address all personnel matters including, without limitation: hours of work; overtime; travel allowances; sick leave; leave with or without pay; discipline; appeal or grievances; delegation of authority; harassment; staff classification; performance evaluation; hiring procedures; financial control and audit, etc.
  • Ensure that all SGC staff members are provided with a copy of all personnel and other policies and are aware of grievance and appeal procedures.
  • Communicate and work with SGC’s appointed Legal Team on employment matters which require a legal opinion.

Strategic Planning for the Corporation

  • Based on the approved goals and objectives, develop a strategic plan for SGC. The SGC strategic plan should address:
    • Key initiatives to be undertaken.
    • Key objectives and results to be achieved.
    • Timeframe for completion.
    • Human resources requirements.
    • Financial resource requirements, including investments by the Nation.
    • Corporate staff responsible for implementation.
    • A current year and future year forecast (covering a minimum of five (5) years or such other period as may be requested by the Board from time to time). A budget and human resource plan.
  • The strategic plan should be prepared and presented to the Board for approval within a reasonable period of time prior to the start of each calendar year.
  • Ensure the implementation of the approved strategic plan (in its entirety) is carried out and report to the Board in a timely manner on deviations from the strategic plan or any parameters established by the Board.

Responsibilities (cont.)

Financial Management, Planning and Reporting

  • Ensure the efficient utilization of financial resources within established policies of the Company, making appropriate and timely financial management decisions. Assume responsibility for the fiscal integrity of the organization.
  • Work with the finance and management team to develop a solid cash flow projection and reporting mechanism, which includes setting a minimum cash threshold to meet operating needs.
  • Responsible for ensuring the use of an effective financial performance measurement system, proper internal and annual audits, financial management, record keeping and administrative systems to ensure sufficient utilization of financial resources, policies, plans and budgets approved by the Board.
  • Oversees the financial planning and implementation including identifying resources, research funding resources, establishing strategies with the Finance Controller to approach funding sources, reviewing, and submitting proposals and administrative records and documentation.
  • Develop (or oversee the development) of a budget and defining the financial resources of SGC required in the current calendar year to address the initiatives identified in the strategic plan.
  • Improve the planning and budgeting process continually by educating departments and key members of corporate leadership.
  • Optimize the handling of banking relationships and work closely with Finance Controller and Senior Accountant to foster and grow strategic financial partnerships.
  • Confirm all revenues, projected expenses, and management fees (earned in the calendar year) for SGC and its subsidiary corporations and entities.
  • Prepare and present (or oversee the preparation and presentation of) the annual corporate budget, annual report, annual audit, and monthly financial statements to the Board for approval.
  • Allocate budget resources to the appropriate managers within SGC and monitor revenues and expenditures against the approved budget.
  • Report significant variances in revenues and expenditures to the Board and recommend amendments to approved budget as required.
  • Supervise the timely and proper completion of audited or other financial statements for SGC (including its subsidiary corporations and entities) to the Board at the end of each Calendar year and present such financial statements to the Board for approval.
  • Coordinate the efficient undertaking and completion of the annual audit of financial statements for SGC, and its subsidiary corporations and entities.
  • Must be familiar with the Siksika Nation Government Financial Administration Law (FAL). Follow the Memorandum of Agreement (dated July 6, 2022) between the SGC and Siksika Nation/Siksika Treasury.

Responsibilities (cont.)

Human Resources

  • Provides strategic oversight on all Human Resources functions, including planning, organizing, and evaluating departmental needs.
  • Develop clear job descriptions for each senior management position and ensure that each job description clearly addresses the corporate mandate and the approved goals and objectives.
  • Recruit, lead, motivate, and mentor a diverse team with clear performance accountability measures that ensure a healthy and safe working and learning environment across all teams in all businesses.
  • Enforce Staff and/or Health and Safety policies and procedures.
  • Oversees and provide guidance on all performance management areas such as annual performance reviews, performance improvement plans, and professional development strategies.
  • Develop performance and bonus measurements to evaluate progress towards achieving such goals and objectives.
  • Handle or advise on HR Issues and/or grievances as they arise and engage in conflict resolution as required.
  • Act as a mentor and coach and promote staff professional development.
  • Mentor and interact with staff members at all levels to foster growth and encourage development among the senior executive team and all staff members.

Responsibilities (cont.)

Planning, Development, Operations

  • On a regular basis, evaluate the company’s financial, operational, and sales and marketing structures to plan for continual improvements and a continual increase in operational efficiencies.
  • Identifies opportunities and propose new methods of improving existing operations with the focus on bottom-line results.
  • Analyze the effects of long-term growth initiatives, planning, new strategies, and regulatory actions.
  • Focus on the most effective allocation of the organization’s fiscal, human, and physical resources.
  • Responsible for the management of current and future business acquisitions, due diligence, operational and business plans, oversite of property investments, property administration, joint venture business arrangements, hotel properties, banking agreements, and reporting to the Board of Directors.
  • Ensures that control, monitoring and performance standards and mechanisms are in place relatively to the utilization of all corporate resources.
  • Develop and maintain effective communication channels and build trusting relationships with Management Team, Staff, Board of Directors, Chief and Council/Shareholders, Partners, Investors, Clients, Auditors, Siksika Nation Administration Managers, Siksika Treasury/Siksika Treasury Board, the Siksika Nation Membership, and surrounding Community.
  • Develop and maintain stakeholder partnerships and community engagement strategies. Engage with the Senior Management Team and Facilities Building Manager to ensure appropriate physical infrastructure is maintained, renovated, or constructed in support of strategic plan goals, public safety, and accessibility.

Board Governance

  • Maintain regular and ongoing communication to build strong relationships with the entire Board, always providing leadership and support to members.
  • Communicate effectively with the Board by providing members with all information necessary to continually function properly and make informed decisions in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Attend all Board meetings and provide reports and updates on staff as well as all current work, project timelines, and project and organizational progress.
  • Arrange a formal orientation and update for new Board members as they are appointed by the SGC Shareholders.
  • Work closely and openly with the Board and its committees, ensuring ongoing communication of risks, issues, as well as successes.
  • Maintain regular communication with the Siksika Treasury Board according to the MOA, including on all financial updates and deadlines as set out in FAL. Announce and prepare for the Annual Shareholders AGM.

Responsibilities (cont.)

Chief and Council

  • Engage with Siksika Nation Chief and Council at arm’s length.
  • Any correspondence, directives, referrals, or matters received from Chief and Council will be directed to the Board of Directors and then delegated to the CEO to address.
  • The Board of Directors will authorize all CEO correspondence prior to presentation to Chief and Council.
  • Attend regular, joint, and notable Chief & Council meetings as required.
  • Inform Chief & Council of the progress toward achieving the corporate goals, partnerships, and Strategic Plans.

Other Responsibilities

  • Carry out any other appropriate duties and responsibilities as requested and assigned, from time to time, by the Board and/or Chair of the Board.
  • This job description may be amended (and approved) from time to time as the Board considers advisable. The Board shall review this job description on a three-year basis.
  • The CEO must be prepared to accept additional related duties as changes within the organization occur, including operational and restructuring changes. Flexibility – available evenings and weekends as required.
  • The CEO’s main office is located on Siksika Nation in the SGC Building.


Bachelor of Management Degree (or equivalent) with 15 years of applicable business management; or Master of Business Administration with 10 years of applicable business management experience.

Related Experience Beneficial:

  • Joint Venture partnerships, investment initiation and management, property acquisitions.
  • Property management with specific involvements in contract negotiation and acquisitions.
  • Agribusiness, Construction, Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate Industries, and land management.
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (preferred but not required).

Siksika Nation

Since time immemorial, the Children of the Plains, the Siksikai’tsitapi – Blackfoot People, have lived in and protected a territory that stretches from the North Saskatchewan River in present-day Alberta and Saskatchewan to the Yellowstone River in the state of Montana, from the Continental Divide in the west to Regina in the province now known as Saskatchewan.

Today, Siksika Nation population is approximately 7800+ and is part of the Siksikaitsitapi – Blackfoot Confederacy. The Siksikaitsitapi refers to four Indigenous Nations which make up the Blackfoot People: the Siksika (Blackfoot), the Kainai (Many Chiefs), the Apatohsipiikani (Northern Peigan) and Amsskapipiikani (Southern Peigan). Siksikai’powahsini (Blackfoot Language) is the language of the Siksikaitsitapi.

The President & CEO’s main office is located on the Siksika Nation in the SGC Main Building.

To Apply

For more details, or to further explore this important executive leadership opportunity, please contact:

Laurie Sterritt • Partner                                                               Katy Gottfriedson-Jasper • Senior Consultant
Leaders International                                                                 Leaders International
Telephone: 778-838-4569                                                        Telephone: 250-318-6788                                           

To apply, please submit a Cover Letter and Resume directly to Leaders International via emails above, outlining your interest, qualifications, and experience.

Preference will be given to Indigenous candidates.

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